‚ÄčUnlocking Brain Potential

Getting Started

Marie is dedicated to helping each of her clients
achieve his or her capacity to feel, function, and perform substantially better.   

Neurofeedback Services Include:

    2 1/2 hour neurofeedback assessment, baseline 

    standardized Continuous Performance Test of    

    Attention and Response Variables with printed report

    providing you and Marie with specific measurable data on

    how your nervous system is and is not serving you

    well, explanation of results, and set up of quick easy

    organized systematic tracking of selected symptoms.

    20 neurofeedback sessions with printed reports.

    2-hour complementary reassessment, retest

    Continuous Performance Test of Attention and

    Response Variables with printed report, and 


Call (858) 752-9080 to schedule a complimentary 45 minute in-office consultation with Marie to obtain answers to your questions, share your or your loved one's particular challenges and objectives, and see whether you, and neurofeedback services with Marie, are a match.