Unlocking Brain Potential

Meet Marie

Marie Allen is a Certified Clinical Practitioner trained in the respected Othmer method developed by the leading pioneers in the field, Dr. Siegfried Othmer and Susan F. Othmer at the esteemed EEG Institute in Woodland Hills, California.  For about thirty-three years the Othmers have been conducting clinical research and furthering the development of what are widely recognized as the most relevant neurofeedback treatment protocols today.  EEG Institute has the highest quality and most comprehensive and personalized approach in the field, and prepares practitioners around the world to achieve superior clinical outcomes.  

Marie is studied in neurofeedback science and clinical application, (ex., identifying patterns of dysregulation, mapping patterns to training sites, identifying each individual’s optimum frequency, using the individual’s responses to neurofeedback to guide adjustments to placement sites and feedback frequency, etc.)  Marie utilizes 2-Channel 0.001+ mHz Infra-low Frequency with HD, Alpha-Theta, and Synchrony with .05, 10 Hz alpha, and 40 Hz gamma Neurofeedback.  She is adding to her repertoire, couples Neurofeedback for couples seeking a smoother relationship with each other.  

Marie keeps current with new findings, refinements, and software and hardware developments continually emerging, is mentored by Sue Othmer, and is an active member of the EEG Associates, a professional network of collaborating neurofeedback clinicians.

Marie has keen concern about veterans living with PTSD.  She served as an active member of Homecoming for Veterans, (http://www.homecoming4veterans.org/) a national outreach non-profit providing neurofeedback to veterans for rapid reduction of PTSD symptoms, and provided neurofeedback at the Salvation Army’s Bell Shelter in Los Angeles.    

Marie is a compassionate person fueled by helping others come to understand, achieve, or experience what to them had seemed impossible.  For 26 years prior to her work in supporting brain health, she helped individuals suffering personal losses, in numerous capacities. 

Among them, she co-authored Miscarriage: Women Sharing from the Heart, the pioneering book based on her co-author's and her extensive original research on the emotional impact of miscarriage on women, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. of New York, with foreword by the President of the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, Richard F. Jones, III, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.  Miscarriage has sold in major bookstores for 25 years. 

As a ten-year member of the Sharp Memorial Hospital Bereavement Committee, Marie wrote, reviewed, and revised protocols and procedures and taught quality standards of care of bereaved parents, to medical and mental health professionals.  She served as Maternal Grief Correspondent for OB/GYN.net.  She taught at seminars and conferences at UCSD and USD; and Sharp Memorial, Mary Birch, Thornton, Mercy, Balboa Naval, UCSD Medical Center, and Palomar hospitals; as well as American Association of University Women, Association of Women’s Health & Obstetrics, Western Regional Conference for Obstetrical Nurses, and Women’s Opportunity Week.  Marie served as a guest expert on national and Canadian television and talk radio, interview, and news programs, and in two documentaries.