Unlocking Brain Potential

Neurofeedback [is backed by]

'A-level' scientific evidence....  People can literally change their brainwaves, and when they do, they change their lives."

-- Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

"What is Neuro Feedback?"​ with

 Neuroscientist Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D., &  

 Susan F. Othmer, Clinical Director, EEG Institute

What is Neurofeedback?  

Neurofeedback is a powerfully effective method

of helping 1) individuals who have been struggling with emotional, physical, or learning issues, and 2) academic, business, and athletic "peak performers" opting to further heighten their skills, abilities, and success.  Neurofeedback positions and allows the brain to improve its own state, health, and performance, and as a natural consequence, better manage the whole human being.  Studies attesting to the broad efficacy of neurofeedback for the enhancement of performance, are accumulating. 

A Brief Overview of What Neurofeedback Looks Like

Electrode sensors are positioned on the surface of an individual’s head.  An EEG machine begins reading the electrical brainwave activity in the individual’s brain.  (Nothing is traveling into the brain.)  

Specialized software is receiving the information, and enabling the amplitudes and frequencies to continually shape what the individual is hearing through speakers or headphones, seeing on a screen, and feeling through a soft vibrating stuffed puppy.  
​All of this is occurring simultaneously. 

Through the individual’s eyes, ears, and arm (grasping Puppy), the brain’s own "now" activity is being communicated to the brain - in real time.  

For the first time, the brain is objectively exposed to and learning about its own activity.  The information is profoundly relevant to the brain, which is beginning the process of using the information to gradually adjust or regulate itself into a calm, efficient, focused, more pleasant state of mind and of being. 

 Frequently effects are noticed in or after the first session.  Throughout the course of a group of sessions, the brain practices and learns how to regulate itself - until it is doing so on its own.  Effects may include improved ability to focus in school or on the job, test scores including IQ test results, behavior, relationships, and self esteem, and realization of greater potential.

How could that be?  The brain, in charge of the central
nervous system and interconnected with the whole being, is able to do a better job of managing  the entire physical, cognitive, and emotional system.   ​​